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Hysteria, a brand and multimedia platform developed by GIRLONFILM, is a cutting-edge magazine and multi-media platform that aims to provide a space where creatives can thrive and showcase their talent. Hysteria firmly believes that creativity is a powerful force that drives collaboration and it seeks to empower creatives by giving them a platform to gain exposure and recognition. It recognizes the transformative impact of technology on our lives and aims to capture the essence of this era through its diverse multimedia content. By incorporating videos, blog posts, and more, Hysteria creates an immersive and dynamic platform that appeals to a wide audience while encapsulating the unique experiences of growing up in the digital age.


At its core, Hysteria is committed to providing a space where creatives can thrive and showcase their talent. 

Hysteria seeks to capture the experience of growing up in the digital age while providing a multimedia platform for creatives to showcase their talent and gain exposure. Each issue showcases those that are upcoming in the creative industry while curating emerging talent.


Hysteria’s magazine and media platform stand out by being created by creatives themselves and aim to curate content that resonates with their audience. By featuring emerging talent in each issue, Hysteria showcases the artists, designers, filmmakers, musicians, and other creative individuals who are pushing boundaries and making a name for themselves all while curating emerging talent.


With a focus on highlighting up-and-coming talents, Hysteria's mission is not only to capture the zeitgeist of the digital age but also to inspire and encourage others to pursue their creative passions. By creating a sense of community and fostering collaboration, Hysteria aims to provide a platform where creatives can connect, share ideas, and find inspiration from one another.


Hysteria’s message revolves around celebrating authenticity and the power of collaboration. Hysteria strives to amplify creative voices through its multimedia platform. By encouraging open expression and showcasing the unique perspectives of creatives from various backgrounds, Hysteria challenges conventional norms and encourages its audience to embrace their own individuality and talent.

We hope to connect with our audience and continue to grow a platform that empowers creative pursuits in all areas, regardless of the medium. If you are interested in being part of Hysteria, please submit your EPK, portfolio, media kit, etc. to for inquiries.

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