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"Hi!! Let me introduce myself, My name is Emily Tressa. I am a pop star, activist, businesswoman, model, and fashion student. I grew up in a small town in New Hampshire and I’ve always dreamed of moving to NYC and pursuing a career in music.

Since my early years, I’ve been involved in chorus and singing in school, nurturing my passion for vocal expression. In an unexpected turn of events during the quarantine period, I decided to release a cover of Madonna's "Hung Up" just for the fun of it. This marked my initial jump into sharing my musical talent with the world. In 2022, I released my debut single "Star Power," an electrifying blend of synth, dance, and pop that ignites the spirit of club-goers. The song encapsulates the essence of unleashing the inherent star power within oneself and fearlessly pursuing dreams. Crafting this track became a therapeutic outlet, inspiring me to cultivate confidence and resilience throughout my future career endeavors. With lyrics like "I've got star power, it's the hour," the song embodies a personal manifestation, urging me not to wait and shine brightly as the star that I am". - Emily Tressa

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