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How do I turn an ex into my bf again?

Girl sometimes people should STAY ex’s. First you need to think did he make me happy? Did he make me feel good? Can I see a future with him? Does he respect me?



If you say no to those questions then leave him in the past. If you say yes then try and find sneaky ways to get him to talk to you.

I had my first kiss with a guy last year and now I cannot forget him. He gave me all the signs that he doesn’t want to hang out anymore so I stopped texting him, but I miss him so much. What should I do?

This happened to me so many times and as sad as it is, you need to find ways to move on. If a guy doesn’t show interest or doesn’t try to see you then LEAVE them. I make that mistake a lot but if a man doesn’t look forward to seeing you, he's not a man you want. Effort is everything and he sounds like a loser for leaving you like that.

Give me tips on how to flirt please. I’m in desperate need of help.

I wish I had better advice I’m horrible with flirting, but one thing is use EYE CONTACT.


Nothing is more attractive than being able to look them in the eye as they talk, and when you look at him think of something you love, and that look will give an effect to your stare that'll get them hooked.

What advice would you give for someone who’s dating after a long-term relationship?

I try to think of life as "everything happens for a reason", so if a relationship ends think about why that could help you, maybe you need to work on yourself and find your worth, or maybe someone better is meant to come into your life.


I know it's hard to think positively.


I’ve been alone ever since my breakup in May and it’s so lonely, but I’ve worked on myself and bettered myself in the time it's been since then.While dating be very picky and make sure the men you put your energy into are worth it.

How do I deal with self comparison on Instagram? I’m an influencer and the whole industry is so competitive. I don’t know what to do.

I compare myself to people every day, it’s terrible but impossible to stop, I’m learning how to just love me for me and not compare but I say, think about all the people you find beautiful. They most likely all look different, so realize beauty comes in so many forms.


As for comparing your life to others I’m still struggling, I try to romanticize my life as much as I can but seeing how rich people are and how they don’t have to work is painful to see when that’s all I want.


My best advice is to romanticize your life to the fullest.


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How can I have fun partying sober when my friends drink and not feel left out but still be THE girl?

You can still be THE girl and THAT girl and have fun, even if you’re not drinking (or on a substance).


Being THE girl is about being yourself and enjoying your time with your friends, it doesn’t matter if you’re sober or not.

Bad bitch up and don’t worry about how you’re sober. I promise no one else thinks any differently of you or is looking at you differently.

How do you handle a partner who wants to move at a different pace in the relationship?

Choose a middle ground! Have a conversation and discuss your wants and needs in the relationship, and go from there.

How do you handle a partner who is hesitant about introducing you to their friends?

This may be situational, however, I don’t think there should ever be a situation where your partner doesn’t want to introduce you to their friends.

If you’re together, they should want to introduce you to everyone that they know.

How do you handle dating guys when you're still figuring out your career path?

I believe that there’s nothing wrong with dating while you’re in the midst of discovering yourself. The important part is to make sure that you don’t lose yourself in the process!!!


If it doesn’t work out?

Beautiful guys come and go, but there’s nothing better than finding beauty in yourself and having fun.

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