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Digi Girl Diary: Sideara's Shooting Stars Entry: 02 (@sideara)

Dear Diary,

I’ve had a little twitch in my finger for three days now. I think it’s because I ran out of my expensive little electrolyte packs that I add to every sip of water I drink. Because if I don’t electrolyte-max constantly I will drop dead! Hardly even exaggerating! Anyways I talked to a psychic and she told me to get my shit together and make a show, and I’m extremely impressionable so I have been working overtime getting a little variety show together for myself and my little friends. I don’t think I have even mentioned my little friends here yet.

They are these little interdimensional beings that fly through a portal in my window from somewhere in the great beyond on this big hunk of crystal! I keep them in a secret laboratory inside my apartment and am trying to help them with their mission of spreading luck, love, and joy. Let me introduce you to a few of them, they are really cute:

This is Gleep! Gleep is a huge fan of Pauline Oliveros and feels strongly about the importance of having a “consistent listening practice”, which to her means making sure you are taking at least thirty minutes to an hour of your day and dedicating it to “focused listening” of music or the natural sounds of your environment. Gleep has been creating field recordings with my old tape recorders and manipulating the tape manually in mysterious ways - I think she’s probably been making some really groundbreaking work, but as part of her practice she insists on only playing to empty winter forests so we may never be lucky enough to hear it. She also eats eraser shavings.

This is Wibbi, he loves toy cars and wood shavings. Strongly disagrees with hats (we have to agree to disagree on that one). Reads a lot of Nabokov.

Gibby sleeps in a little Zen garden (you know, the little sand boxes with the tiny rake?) by digging himself a hole and covering himself in the sand. Big Carl Jung fan. Impressive opera singer.

Gibby actually is sold in pin form as a blessed lucky charm on the little friends website, alongside two of his friends. The whole story of the little friends is on the website. If you are special and pretty and want to read it, you can find their story here :)

So, mirror, mirror on the wall - who are my Shooting Stars today?

I’ve always had this weird rule in the back of my mind that the older I get, the more vast and obnoxious my bangle collection will become. I think I have attached age to this rule simply because great bangles are actually pretty expensive. If you have the hook up for incredible chunky bangles in a lower price range, let me know. I want to get on like, an Iris Apfel - Erykah Badu level with this by the age of 50 so seriously please send me a dm if you have any leads.

Here is my current favorite bangle designer, I don't own anything from her yet but I really hope to someday! I present Gerda Goosen Jewelry.

Gerda Goosen Jewelry:

Works By Gerda Goosen Jewelry

She’s an interesting designer, inspired by her research on Africa (I think she lives in Cape Town), providing an alternative for people who love the look of ivory but don’t want to actually wear real ivory.

Works By Gerda Goosen Jewelry

And you know what, while we’re on the subject of big ass bold jewelry, I love this brand TdmAle - I was out at an event for another incredible designer (my king Bad Binch Tong Tong) when I saw someone who had some TdmAle on and you know I had to ask and get the scoop!!


Works By TmdAle

Works By TmdAle

Works By TmdAle

You can see more from them & shop on their website - I haven’t bought anything from them yet either bc my wishlist is so long I get overwhelmed but I definitely hope to soon!


WHAT?: Retail Pharmacy.

WHERE?: 39a Henry St, New York, NY 10002

First of all let’s give a big congratulations to Retail Pharmacy for opening their permanent location on Henry St! If you are in NY, make sure you run in and pay a visit ASAP!! & follow her on IG if you don't duh.

Retail Pharmacy

Retail Pharmacy

WHAT?: Revengewife.

WHERE?: The Sultan Room (NYC)

WHEN?: May 4

Revengewife playing a show @ The Sultan Room (NYC) May 4 - she puts on the most fun performances, you can hear a song for the first time and be singing along by the end of it.

Come dance and party!! I love her!! Tickets HERE (Idk the other bands performing and too lazy to look it up anyways w/e I’m coming to see Liz lol) And here’s her INSTAGRAM and SPOTIFY

WHAT?: Shop Sideara Pop Up

WHERE?: Bloda's Choice. 75 E Broadway, New York, NY 10002

WHEN?: May 13

ALSO*** Saturday, May 13 I’ll be having a pop-up with my brand Shop Sideara dropping a new collection @ Bloda’s Choice, another insanely cute store!!

No flier yet so make sure to follow her on ig to keep up with her many amazing pop ups and events!

The best way to motivate yourself to design a new collection is to schedule a pop up for it in the very near future at one of the coolest stores in NY.

OK well I think that’s enough for now! I need to nap and buy electrolytes and figure out wtf I’m gonna design for the pop up!



You can find Sideara here:


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