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Digi Girl Diary: Sideara's Shooting Stars Entry: 03 (@sideara)

Dear Diary,

I missed a great party last night because I went out the night before and my SoCiAl BaTTeRy is nonexistent and always depleted lol, sometimes I can regenerate my energy just by getting ready but I did and it didn’t work so I just got Thai Diner w my bf and went home and went to sleep lol.

The party (that I did not attend) was an afterparty celebrating Mati Hays House of Iconica clothing collection launch at Big Ash and I already feel major remorse for not going to the opening or the party but maybe I can walk over and check things out this week. OOPS!

Mirror mirror in the sky, who are my shooting stars so bright?

Well first of all, ME!!! Lol.

My pop up at Bloda’s Choice in the Chinatown mall for my new collection of handmade bags inspired by my little friends project went really well and the collection turned out so cute!! Check it out below & see if your favorites are still available at :-) Tons of lasercut acrylic details (all drawn and cut in house by me ofc) and finally a beautiful reconciliation with my sewing machine which meant I was able to use gorgeous thick materials.

It was such a cute day!!

In attendance was one of my fav personal style angels she truly has a really specific and special aesthetic and I was so happy to finally meet her, Mai @maitoyoshima

Such a genius honestly!!!

I’d also like to highlight the designer Romina Montserrat who I met at the exhibition for Gogo Graham’s collection a few months back. She makes clothing & accessories as well and I feel like her work exists in a similar universe as Mai - pinks, metallics, and unique silhouettes. I abs love how her work is simultaneously geometric & mathematical, gritty, & hyper feminine.

She is def next on my list for purchasing!!

Ok that’s all for now, I’m already running so late with this entry!! More next time!!



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