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Digi Girl Diary: Sideara's Shooting Stars Entry: 04 (@sideara)

Dear Diary,

Wow, time flies when your life is chaotic! I am currently in California, and am going to be here for quite a bit longer… I mean I’ll be back mid-August and I’ve heard the weather in NY is blowwwwing right now so overall this is a great place to be, but I can’t lie, a big part of me is dying to be back and start 1000 new projects. I am restructuring so many things in my life I just want to get started already but there’s something to learn about being forced to sit down, shut up, and have some fun with your fucking friends. And honestly, the best time to do that probably is right before making big changes. Anyways -

Call me an idiot but I immediately downloaded threads and have been having a lot of fun on there. It’s like a mix between Twitter & Instagram, Tumblr, and maybe even early Facebook. Everyone got over it within a week but I kind of like threading into the void lol.


Mirror, mirror, in the sky, who are my shooting stars so bright?

As I’ve been pivoting towards creating a show with my little friends, I have been delighting in the world of all that is soft and cute (and slightly evil)! I came across this artist who I think is in China, her account is @gagalalala_ and she makes these perfect little animals

Ok, obsessed! You get it!!

I also found a photo of this book (I’m assuming) she made on her other acct and it’s just as precious and magical…

Like, please, I’ve never wanted to live inside of a butterfly bra hook magic diary so badly!!!

Mia Giselle and Plutonia Blue:

Alright, now we’re turning down the lights for a bit of a darker sparkly vibe so I can introduce to you my longtime obsession: Mia Giselle, and her art, sculptures, and jewelry Plutonia Blue

Where to even begin? She is known for her jewelry and I love her for that but mostly for the mystical world that she has so tangibly created. From how her bedroom is painted to the objects she conjures and blesses, she is so specific in her vision that you can’t help but find yourself transported directly into her fantastical galaxy.

Let's start with her bedroom - she had an incREDIBLE mural painted by @tajcampman

The candelabra? The dresser? “On the wings of the storm”? The bedding???? Literally swallow me whole pls…

Her designs are gorgeous and the sculptures & displays she makes to accompany them are just…

Totally mindblowing!

Mordor could never…

Take for example this magical scepter she made??

As if the jewelry and sculpture wasn’t enough on its own for worldbuilding, she made an absolutely insane video ft her sculptures and designs too - I don’t think there are any external links outside of Instagram to watch it on but you can see it here

Anyways I love her and ofc she’s a babe with great style on top of it all.

Plutonia Blue forever!

Lastly I’d like to share an extraordinary archive account, they haven’t posted in a while but I still revisit it from time to time: @giftedmold.archives. The project is by Cédric Kouamé, who grew up in Abidjan, the largest city in Côte d’Ivoire. Here is some of a write-up by Cat Lachowskyj expanding on the project:

“...In regions prone to intense climates, the paper, emulsion and other materials that make up historical photographs are organic targets for pests and degradation, disrupting the possibility for a solid lineage of visual history. This has proven to be a rampant issue in West Africa’s Republic of Côte d’Ivoire, a region with an intensely humid climate that makes the preservation of historical objects particularly tricky… [The] project is a collection of old photographs, primarily from the 1970s and 80s, of different social and vernacular scenes in Côte d’Ivoire. Kouamé has assigned an overarching title to this multifaceted archiving project, referring to it as the Gifted Mold Archive. While going through his own family photographs, he quickly realized that a large portion of them had become moldy. But rather than discarding them, Kouamé embraced their degradation as an integral part of their aesthetic, working to preserve them as new works of art.”

He began to source and collect other photographs in the region, building a body of work that is important as it is beautiful.

So special

I hope you’ve enjoyed my stars this month and are feeling inspired and hopeful for the future.

I don’t have much to say besides vagueness about my own personal chaos right now, but with a slightly nauseous stomach, I can honestly say I’m feeling inspired and hopeful too.



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