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Digi Girl Diary: Sideara's Shooting Stars Entry: 05 (@sideara)

Dear Diary,

I’m upstate in the forest again and yesterday decided I wanted to go for a walk to work on an audition I got (yes, mid-strike audition… Something about interim agreements for certain productions) and my boyfriend was worried like, are you sure? What if you get lost? What if you get hit by a car? What if you see a bear? I was like lollll shut up and go to the gym I will be fine, idiot.

So he leaves and I leave for my little walk, strolling along in the sunshine with my headphones in (and zero service - did I mention there is absolutely no cell service here if you’re not connected to wifi?)

I reach the end of my little half-mile walk and turn around to walk back, rehearsing my lines out loud in my terrible fake Russian accent (required for the role, not a creative choice lol), and then BOOM, BITCH -


I am now FREAKing out - what the fuck do I do, no service, bear now hiding in the bushes on the side of the road I’m required to cross to get back home - so obviously I just freeze like a dumb-ass little deer.

Then I decided to walk backward to the nearest house (like a 4 min walk away) where I proceed to awkwardly stalk around the house for 15 minutes anxiously calling out “Hellooo? Excuse me?” periodically until a sweet 80-year-old man shows up out of nowhere like hello what the fuck are you doing here and I had to be like hiiii neighbor I SAW A BEAR AND I’M SCARED.

Anyways long story short neighbor was like you’ll be fine please leave and I had to walk my ass back home blasting Kanye MBDTF, the loudest album I have downloaded on Spotify, clutching my phone looking for bear and anxiously singing “Can we get much higheeer” trying to seem scary as a 4’11 bitch in a Brandy Melville sweater.

Anyways, for Sideara’s Shooting Stars this week, here are the looks I would wear to a bear fight.

I love showing up to a party on theme, so immediately I’m thinking hairy animal type beat. The OG icons come to mind.


A true visionary, Nagi tragically died in 2008.

Her work & influence lives on forever.

And the bear would definitely not eat me if I was stunting this HARDDDD.


This work obviously then leads me to our next hair look shooting star icon, Charlie Le Mindu.

If you missed peak Charlie Le Mindu 2010s era, I am sorry for you!


Educate yourself immediately by watching these two extremely iconic shows:

Our modern hair style icon comes in the form of Hysteria angel @jadedtatum @jadedmade whose human hair bows are HAUNTING me because I need one so badly

TATUM JADE (@jadedtatum + @jadedmade):

Her latest collection, which includes WINGS made of hair, debuts in September with her first runway show.

I am extremely excited and if you are in NY, you should NOT miss it!!

Saturday, September 9, 8 PM EDT in Brooklyn.

RSVP here:

Be there, be bear!!!

That concludes this episode of Sideara’s Shooting Stars, glad to be alive & dramatic for another day.

XOOOO Sideara


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