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Digital Girl Diary Entry: Blake and Elaina, co-creators of Truth or Dare (@itstruthordare)

Dear Diary,

Hi there <3 It's Blake and Elaina, co-creators of Truth or Dare. It’s hard to believe so many amazing things have happened this past year–- it’s almost like magic. Finding a best friend is its own sort of magic, but a bestie and a business? So good it should be illegal. Truth or Dare, once just our favorite social torture method, has now become a creative project and clothing brand that has connected us with girls from across the world and changed our lives forever.

How did this happen? Let’s start from the beginning.

We first met in college, but never really had the chance to connect or learn that we had so much in common. Years later, we needed divine intervention to reunite us and make us best friends forever. This came in the form of a downtown apartment– we ended up living together and immediately became inseparable. Both of us were born in sun signs ruled by Venus, we had a passion for aesthetics, each with our own taste and our own style. We began planning elaborate parties, decorating extravagantly, and sewing— we loved it all and loved to do it together.

Our brand, Truth or Dare, was born on New Year’s Eve, at the dawn of 2022. Too sick to leave the house or wear our coordinating, fully-embellished gowns, we lamented over a bottle of cheap champagne (we may have great taste, but we also love a bargain). We began imagining the upcoming year. We’d done so much together already, what could we do next? We’d dreamt of creating a clothing brand together, of hand-making underwear, or swimsuits— but what did we do best? We both love sewing but we’re no experts. We had ideas and lots of them. We had lots to say, and no one else was saying it.

We thought: “Okay, so everyone else is doing this t-shirt thing, but like, couldn’t we do it so much better???”. And the rest is history.

We find ourselves inspired by our own lives, by each other, and by the way, girls experience the world nowadays. Our shirts are not meant to make you popular, to make you cool, to make boys like you, they are meant to be for you, they’re meant to express the things that we go through, and how they make us feel. We embrace femininity and everything that comes with it, and through its many forms and many faces it’s something we can all recognize, that we all feel deeply, even if sometimes we wish we didn’t.

Blake’s favorite shirt: “Locally Hated” I absolutely love how many people can relate to this shirt – I mean, if this phrase doesn’t apply to you in any part of your life, did you ever really try hard enough to be yourself? There’s something triumphant about owning the idea that not everyone is going like you and wearing that judgment as a badge of honor.

Elaina’s favorite shirt: “I’ve had enough” What is insanity, even? Don’t let anyone else tell you, that’s for sure. Boys will never understand things the way that girls do, they think girls are insane no matter what, and they still love us. And girls, well, you know how girls are. The world is upside down, you can’t expect me not to start crawling across the ceiling.

Since the beginning of Truth or Dare, the overwhelming support and kindness from everyone interacting with our brand have been incredible. It motivates us to do what we do. We’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with so many amazing girls who inspire us from across the world, such as @stine_stromskag who supported and believed in us when we were still in our infancy.

We are so excited to work with more creators moving forward! We wouldn’t be where we are now without the amazing support from everyone, and to all of you we send a big thank you <33

Our designs evolve as girl culture evolves, as we have grown we have been able to create more designs and expand what we can offer. We started with the basics, and have now been able to really curate and style our new collections.

We are so excited for the rest of the year and to share everything we have planned :)

Duty, Honor, Femininity.

XOXO Blake and Elaina


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