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Digi Girl Diary: Entry 01 Sideara St. Claire (@sideara)

Dear Diary,

Hi. I’m Sideara. I make accessories and music and act. I’m psychotically fractured between all of my creative endeavors but I’ve never figured out how to exist in any other way. Here I am w some of my designs:

I’ve been pivoting back and forth from focusing on plexiglass to fabric pillbox hats and teaching myself classic millinery technique from a book by candlelight. Here’s a favorite hat & bag set, still pre-learning any proper technique, but sometimes self-taught yields the most interesting results anyway, and who really cares:

As for music, I have one song out and am sitting on a modest pile of them, oops. Here is the video, gold star for anyone with the 5 minute long attention span. It’s fckn worth it but I’m biased lol:

Now that we have introductions basically out of the way (more on the acting category later, maybe???), here is an assorted collection of magical items and the artists who make them that you should know exist:

Lisa Signorini:

Works By Lisa Signorini

This sculpture by the illustrator Lisa Signorini x

Bella Carlos:

Everything Bella Carlos does is <3. If you don’t know their work, definitely correct that ASAP! I own one hair clip from them but am dying to expand my collection with a stained glass choker next time they are available.. This is “total life necklace” - etched sand casted glass with hand-woven cord.

Some more from Bella in case you are unfamiliar:

Works By Bella Carlos

Yes everything yes.

Rohan Mirza:

I recently found out about the 3D artist Rohan Mirza who’s been blowing my mind, look at these witch hats they made & these 3D printed glasses they made for Mowalola AW23:

And these fckn nails?

Works By Rohan Mirza

Gui Rosa:

I’m also fascinated by Gui Rosa - aside from the designs, their website is a recreation of the Gossip Girl website and as a person who grew up with the original I rly appreciate.

Works By Gui Rosa

Follow on ig here!

Okkkk there’s a million more things I’d love to share but I need to go take pictures of my new mini clown collection in the snow before the sun goes down!! Have a gorg day love u, diary!!



You can find Sideara here:


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