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Digital Girl Diary Entry: Sophia Foster (@fosterrrsss)

Dear Diary,

My intention with my photographs is to express the bridge between the time period when I still felt like a little girl, and at the same time a woman.

I use photography, costume design, and props to create atmospheres that draw from traditional fashion photography and also documentary photography as a sort of “in-between” which is intended to illustrate the expression of being an adolescent, caught in the middle of staying young and growing up simultaneously.

I remember what it felt like the first time I picked up a camera in 2018 it completely changed my perspective on the world. I’ve always loved art and remember traveling the halls of art museums wanting to be the tiny names engraved under something beautiful. I’ve never been good at drawing or any other medium of art. My attempts at drawing something even as simple as a horse have never been anything more than a pathetic blob on a piece of paper.

Photography has improved my understanding of the world and the things around us that tend to go unnoticed.

- Sophia Foster

Works By Sophia Foster (@fosterrrsss):

Photo by: Sophia Fosters (@fosterrrsss)
Photo by: Sophia Foster (@fosterrrsss)

Photo by: Sophia Foster (@fosterrrsss)

Photo by: Sophia Foster (@fosterrrsss)

Photo by: Sophia Foster (@fosterrrsss)

You can find Sophia Foster here:


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