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Digital Girl Diary Entry: Sophie Kubinyi (@ladykub)

Dear Diary,

I grew up near the beach in California however moved to Berlin 4 years ago. I quickly fell in love with the big city and how much inspiration you see daily. My style changed quickly due to the weather and the amount of unique people I was surrounded by. I had just received a degree in writing and thought I would pursue that when the pandemic happened. I had lost all motivation and creativity for a while before deciding to shoot a small video with two girlfriends, something I did often growing up. Ultimately that moment started my artistic endeavors...

My “brand” and image has grown over time depending on what my interests are at the moment however I always knew that women would be my main subject. When I was young, my mother had a collection of magazines and books filled with models that I enjoyed admiring. I used to also watch every music video that involved women dancing in tiny outfits such as the Pussycat Dolls. I also grew up doing ballet, constantly surrounded by strong women.

Since moving to Berlin and clubbing often, I realized I wanted to combine my visuals with techno. That’s when I met a girlfriend who shaped my brand even more. She was a stripper so my content became explicit, something a lot of people didn’t understand. Most of our shoots involved very revealing clothing and poses that would make someone double-take. I loved seeing the outcome of the photos and she loved how sexy she felt. Eventually, we mixed it with techno and it became something that caught people’s attention in the scene.

My creative process varies. Some days I find inspo from old magazines, music videos, or films, especially from the ’90s/2000s. Other times I go into it without much of a plan and pleasantly surprise myself. I try and execute my projects quite quickly otherwise if I sit on an idea for too long I get over it. I have lots of sexy projects coming this year...

Works By Sophie Kubinyi (@ladykub):

Photo by: Sophie Kubinyi @ladykub
Photo by: Sophie Kubinyi @ladykub

Photo by: Sophie Kubinyi (@ladykub)

Photo by: Sophie Kubinyi (@ladykub)

Photo by: Sophie Kubinyi (@ladykub)

You can find Sophie Kubinyi here:


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