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  • Hysteria By GIRLONFILM Contributor

"Heroine Chic"

From Hysteria By GIRLONFILM Issue 01 "BITTERSWEET".

Written By: Kelly Sharpe

Growing up I was always pretty confident with myself and the way I looked, it wasn’t until I entered middle school that I started to notice that most, if not all of the popular people were thin and “fit” - they were idolized in a way. That’s when I slowly but surely became intrigued with the idea of having a skinny body. 

Growing up, the celebrity “it-girls” were all thin, had sculpted bodies, and had perfect long, straight hair, quite the opposite of pre-teen me. I was at a very healthy weight and felt quite content with myself, but with numerous comments from people who were close to me, I soon felt like I wasn’t valid. 

Obviously, society has conditioned us to believe that being “overweight” is a “sin” and if you aren’t actively doing things to lose weight you’re not valid enough, or at all. 

The media force-fed us, pun intended, to believe that the “heroin chic” model body is what we should strive for, and as anyone would, I believed that. In early 2020 I developed an eating disorder and I lost nearly 50 pounds, I dropped 2 cup sizes, my pants wouldn’t stay up without a belt, and most of all the confidence and love I had for myself was nowhere to be seen. 

Now that I am that size, I can honestly say I wouldn’t wish this upon anyone. Sometimes being lanky is genetic, but almost every thin public figure or a celebrity since the dawn of time has had to endure and suffer from unhealthy dietary habits. 

It’s not a dream body if it’s a nightmare to maintain” - Danae Meier Ricci


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