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It-Girl Appeal GALORE: S1N1ST3R D3S1GNS

The world of GIRLONFILM and Hysteria is combining...

In the heart of Los Angeles, a creative force named Samantha Velazquez is causing a stir with her clothing brand, S1n1st3r D3s1gns. With its one-of-a-kind pieces and unisex sex appeal, S1n1st3r D3s1gns is HOT and one of my current obsessions.

Samantha Velazquez, aka @s1n1st3rsh4wty, is a talented designer, photographer, videographer, and creative from Los Angeles. Her photography and videography style is the epitome of the ultimate it-girl appeal. You can see a rawness to her work and feel an energy when viewing it. In an age where authenticity is lacking, Velazquez isn't afraid to convey her raw and authentic self, nor is she afraid to share it through her work.

Video via @s1n1st3rsh4wty

It's visceral, fun, authentic, and it-girl appeal galore.

I'll be entirely honest when I first came across Velazquez via Meghan Hanako (@meghanhanako), I scrolled through basically her whole account and was beyond obsessed.

If you haven't seen the latest updates via Hysteria on IG, Velazquez is a Hysteria Angel, and her work is featured in Issue/Collection 02 (you can view all of her work for Hysteria on July 14th at 11 AM. I promise you won't want to miss it).

S1n1st3r D3s1gns, the child of Velazquez, who runs this one-woman show, hand-makes all of her products. On her website,, Velazquez proudly states that each product is made to order with love and care. S1n1st3r D3s1gns can be seen worn by celebrities and Internet personalities such as Maggie Lindemann, @houseof1000bitchess, Miss Bashful, BLIZZY, and more.

BLIZZY wearing S1n1st3r D3s1gns. Photo by @satananthony. Assisted by @jacknovotny__
BLIZZY wearing S1n1st3r D3s1gns. Photo by @satananthony. Assisted by @jacknovotny__

In a world that often adheres to traditional gender norms, Samantha challenges conventions by creating unisex clothing that embraces and celebrates all bodies while displaying large catchy slogans across them. Samantha's unapologetically bold statement pieces are like a breath of fresh air regarding slogan and graphic tees.

Miss Bashful wearing S1n1st3r D3s1gns
Miss Bashful wearing S1n1st3r D3s1gns

S1n1st3r D3s1gns shatters the gender binary, defiantly stating that outdated societal constructs do not bind fashion. Samantha's creations embrace the diversity of human expression and allow individuals to shed the suffocating labels that confine them.

Her unisex pieces are the embodiment of liberation, an invitation to celebrate individuality without fear or judgment while looking hot all at the same time, and it doesn't take a fashion expert to recognize the sex appeal exuding from S1n1st3r D3s1gns.

Here are a few of our favorite designs.

S1n1st3r D3s1gns is pushing boundaries, and the designs are undeniably hot.

@houseof1000bitchess wearing S1n1st3r D3s1gns
@houseof1000bitchess wearing S1n1st3r D3s1gns

Whether it's a bold statement tee, a meticulously crafted 1-of-1 leather jacket, S1n1st3rsh4wty pillows, or lighters with a photo of Velazquez across it (which BTW are sexy, hot, and cool), each piece is a testament to her unyielding commitment to pushing boundaries.


To go deeper into the enigmatic world of Samantha Velazquez, follow @s1n1st3r_d3s1gns and @s1n1st3rsh4wty on Instagram. Samantha provides an interactive space on her socials where she engages with her followers, shares glimpses of her world, and showcases the diverse range of styles that define S1n1st3r D3s1gns.

Prepare to fall in love with the world of @s1n1st3rsh4wty, and of all her designs, I know we did.


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