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The Dare: Reviving the 2000s bloghouse era

I actually hate music journalism. Music journalism has also been challenged by the rise of the internet and social media, and rightfully so. This series will not be that, more so a series about artists I’ve found that I can’t stop listening to and once you listen, you won’t be able to either. This series aims to celebrate the musicians who have caught my attention and refuse to let go.

Among these artists is The Dare, a visionary figure leading the way in the new electro-sleaze movement. The Dare's sound, driven by synthesizers, drum machines, and guitars, alongside sexually suggestive and provocative lyrics, is hot.

Operating under the stage name The Dare, Harrison Patrick Smith—an enigmatic New York-based musician—has emerged as a compelling force in the new electro-sleaze movement. His innovative soundscapes push the boundaries of convention, blending electronic elements with rock and pop influences to create an audacious musical experience.

The Dare released “Girls” on August 5, 2022, and the first time I heard it, I audibly went oh my god. I think it was something that we collectively didn’t know we needed until it came out. It immediately made me think of the dizzying sounds of New York's bloghouse era.

At the forefront of the indie sleaze revival, The Dare represents a captivating figure fueling a new wave of downtown personalities and parties. This movement, initially rooted in a fashion micro-trend, has evolved into a reflection of modern anxieties and ambitions. It blends '90s grunge with '80s opulence, subtly infused with an erotic undertone, evoking a sharp nostalgia for the subcultures and communities that defined recent yet distant times.

By infusing fresh ideas into an older style of music that had lost its “it factor”, The Dare rejuvenates the genre.

The Dare has since been hailed as a paragon of "indie sleaze," embodying a throwback to a vision of 2000s New York City. The Dare encapsulates the spirit of an era, breathing new life into its essence. The Dare's music, with its electrifying energy and unconventional themes, serves as a powerful rejection of the last five years of music trends. It challenges the homogeneity that has pervaded the industry.

The Dare's emergence as a leading figure in the electro-sleaze movement showcases the embracing of the unconventional. The Dare's approach and seductive image leave an indelible mark on the music landscape, inspiring a new wave of artistic expression and I'm BEYOND excited to see what the future has in store.


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