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The Hottest Group Redefining Nightlife: No Strings

In the city that never sleeps, three names emerge as the next individuals redefining nightlife: Henry, Isadora, and Saïd, the creative minds behind No Strings. This is your chance to gain exclusive insight into their world as seen through their eyes.

No Strings Shot By Michelle Paradis
Photography By: Michelle Paradis

No Strings, the collective group throwing and producing the events everyone wants to attend, has amassed an impressive list of successful events. From shutting down the Lower East Side to being the up-and-coming hottest names in the social scene, they're the group everyone wants to know, be, and be seen with. 

Looking to get even a glimpse? You'll be lucky if you get on the guest list; don't say we didn't tell you so.

Henry Casson, whose touch turns every venue and every event into gold, is one of the masterminds behind No Strings and a premier event host and producer.

Photography: Michelle Paradis

With over 300 successful events and collaborations with brands such as Red Bull, Tarte Cosmetics, Jarritos, and more, Henry's name is whispered amongst those in the know.

"Henry is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with in the New York City event and nightlife scene."

From launching clubs such as Georgia Room and The Blond, among many others, Henry's genius lies in curating events unlike any other.

From the limelight of child acting and everything in between, Isadora's journey to event curation and production has been a journey of living on her own terms. Pivoting from journalism and waitressing to the diamond district, nightlife, & brand development, Isadora has produced hundreds of campaigns and events.

Photography: Michelle Paradis

Her repertoire? It's a long list filled with household names such as Capitol Records, Members Only, and Interscope Music.

We found ourselves asking, what can't she do?

Isadora states, "I've specialized in capturing the essence of our era that then grows brand visibility & overall cultural awareness. Not sure how we got here, but I'm just here for the journey". Isadora's ability to mastermind countless campaigns and events with renowned names lies within her ability to capture the zeitgeist.

Meet the creative director behind it all, SaïdAli Mesbahi.

As the creative director of No Strings, Saïd is the center point of art, nightlife, and community. With his creative works and vision for No Strings, Saïd has helped propel No Strings into the limelight of every corner of the city.

Photography: Michelle Paradis

When reflecting on the creation of No Strings, Isadora said, "The first call we made was to Saïd Mesbahi, asking him to come on board as the creative director. I had known him for about 3 years now & had worked together at a label for around a year. There was no one else we trusted more with the task at hand."

His role in No Strings has proven to be instrumental in shaping the creative identity and success of the group, making it a name in the social scene that you can't ignore.

The inception of No Strings was a decision born from a year of successful event production by Isadora and Henry. When asked about the creation of No Strings, the name "No Strings" emerged during a trip (yes, an actual trip) in Jamaica. They state the creative process was "Yelling names across until ultimately "No Strings" was born."

From here, the sky has been the limit.

Inspired by the Basquiat and Warhol era of nightlife, No Strings is redefining what nightlife means.

In this exclusive and in-depth interview, we discussed their journey, the art of curating experiences, getting blacklisted, shutting down Broadway, and all things in between. Seen through the eyes of a collective that's become synonymous with the city's nightlife, this is the raw, gritty, and unfiltered discussion with No Strings.

In Conversation with No Strings:

What's the origin story behind No Strings, and where did the name come from?

After a year of producing events, we (Isadora & Henry) decided to start our brain-baby, which encompasses all of our creative endeavors. Nightlife, as we know it, struggles in the sustainability category, so we knew that if this was going to be long-term, we had to create our own brand. The name "No Strings" was born during a (literal) trip while in Jamaica. 

After a long day of pondering our deep internal thoughts & we sat across a dining room table. Yelling names across until, ultimately, "No Strings" was born. The first call we made was to Saïd Mesbahi, asking him to come on board as the creative director. I (Isadora) had known him for about 3 years now & had worked together at a label for around a year.

There was no one else we trusted more with the task at hand.

What does the behind-the-scenes of No Strings look like?

It's chaotic, rewarding, and always full of surprises. We all truly live and breathe the brand; our best friends happen to be some of the artists & creatives we highlight, which is what brings it all full circle. Our day-to-day is receiving calls from artists, labels, DJs, venues, & brands, all truly in hopes of connecting and collaborating with the community in order to create something new and fresh in the city.

Out of all the nights and unforgettable parties, is there one event that stands out as the ultimate No Strings experience? Give us the gritty details.

Welllll, the launch party was definitely a night to remember even though it lasted an iconic hour because we just so happened to shut down the Lower East Side.

It was everything & more, with a lineup of some of NYC's sexiest people & an RSVP of 2,000 people. The energy was high, and it felt like a massive house party. The crowd was prying at the door in hopes of getting a glimpse into the beautiful chaos occurring inside the Mehanata doors.

The sirens started blaring & we knew the night was coming to a close, but we promised our people this was only the start.

Photography: Michelle Paradis

If you could create the ultimate party with no limits, what would it look like? Who would make the guest list? Who would be on the no-entry list?

An alluring, sexy red space overflowing with tequila, interactive dancers, & visuals that put the attendees in a trance. The list flaunts notable names, city dwellers, & those whose face cards never decline. It doesn't matter who you are we want different people that have a look. If you make a statement, that's what we look for.

Oh, know you are; it's hard to get blacklisted, but it's definitely been done before.

Nightlife's unpredictability is in its charm and its chaos. Share that jaw-dropping instance when something left you wide-eyed and why.

Charm and chaos are probably the perfect words to describe us. About 6 months into throwing events, we were asked to produce Lucki's release event for Flawless Like Me. I(Isadora) honestly didn't even know his fanbase to the extent that it was. With a 48-hour time crunch, we, of course, said yes. 

Through friends & mutual relationships, we utilized The La Ropa storefront on Broadway & bottles of Belaire Champagne. I arrived at the venue 3 hours before the event to begin set up & there was already a line down the block...this should've been a sign. 

We opened doors, and within 30 minutes, security had to shut down the event. From the inside, it looked like bodies were floating. The crowd was out of control. We begged for them to move back, but it was too late. The cops managed to enter the building.

At that moment, I was sent a screenshot of the Citizen app. We had quite literally shut down Broadway. 

We were being threatened for inciting a riot if the event wasn't shut down immediately.

Uhmmm, so that was that.

Photography: Michelle Paradis

What message do you aim to send to the world?

Community is everything; culture derives from community. Let's grow it together, & look good while we're doing it.

As No Strings evolves, what future do you envision for it? What do you hope your legacy will be in the nightlife scene?

At this point, we have disrupted the system in the best way. We went from club kids to curators of our scene.

We are heavily inspired by the Basquiat and Warhol era of nightlife. The mystic & history that derives from their community is exactly what we intend to do.

From festivals, international events, film, artist management, & more, we see No Strings as a lifestyle company encompassing everything we love. The process has only been organic from start to finish & we can't wait to see where it all goes.

Dying to delve deeper into the world of No Strings?

Discover everything from who they want to party with to the behind-the-scenes details of the Old Flings X Hysteria X No Strings X SPOTTED event from their perspective. 


If you could party with anyone and anywhere, who and where would it be?

Henry: David Bowie at Studio 54 Circa 1979.

Isadora: With the iconic Paris Hilton after the 2008 MTV VMAs.

Was there an exact moment that ignited your love for nightlife?

Henry: The first moment I stepped into a downtown New York City nightclub at the age of 19.

Isadora: On one of my first nights in NYC, I was invited by a promotor to Up & Down; I had never been to a club or even heard of the place. I was told to wear a dress & heels. I put on the one pair I packed from Philly & went with my roommate. 

We were escorted in immediately, given champagne & sat by the DJ booth. Within an hour, Snoop Dogg just appears and starts performing. No one was fazed by it! It was like a regular night in NYC; I was shook. 

At that point in my life, I had never been in a space like this. I became so intrigued by the nightlife, smoke & mirrors I just wanted to learn more. Later that night, I did face plant down a flight of stairs at the club & learned platform heels are much easier to walk in if I was gonna start going out more.

Can you describe the Old Flings X Hysteria X No Strings event through your eyes? 

Isadora: IT WAS WILD. After not honestly really looking forward to this Valentine's Day, my mood drastically changed as we entered Old Flings at 9 pm. Bottles were flowing, cameras were shooting, & laughter filled the air. 

The energy was contagious!!! It truly just felt good :) 

When it was time to take some of our photos for the night, we just started pouring tequila all over & dancing around. The moment felt unreal. I'm so happy it was captured. I then proceeded to walk across the street & grab a dollar slice to refuel for the long evening to come.

Want an even deeper glimpse into the lives of Henry, Isadora, and Saïd and want to see all things No Strings?

Become a part of their journey, and get firsthand VIP updates on their latest exploits and event announcements by following them on their socials at @nostrings_nyc and get Issue 04 of Hysteria By GIRLONFILM, the No Strings Edition here.

Our opinion on what’s next for No Strings? Taking over the nightlife scene entirely and redefining everything that you thought you knew. If we know one thing for sure, it’s that whatever comes next, expect to see No Strings everywhere. 

Special thank you to No Strings for the exclusive interview.

Want our advice?

Keep an eye out for all things No Strings; if you don’t, you’re going to wish that you had.  


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