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THE IT-GIRL GUIDE: 2024 Trends

The New Year is here, and I don’t know about you, but I like to reinvent my style and revamp my look at any chance I get... AKA the smallest change in my routine equals a whole new haircut and wardrobe. The New Year is the perfect excuse to revamp your style. 

As fluid beings, we are constantly changing and growing. Along with that, trends in fashion and aesthetics change and grow with us. We entered the digital age in the 2000s which drastically changed the world of fashion. Tabloids, paparazzi ambushes, pink bling, and flip phones jump-started a new popular aesthetic, which was Mc-freaking-bling.

McBling was all about being the shiny, center of attention. When TikTok began getting popular around 4 years ago, we saw a new inspired era of McBlling, because TikTok at the time re-surfaced the desire to be the center of attention. Going viral was one’s moment in the sun, just as getting mentioned in the tabloids was back in the early 2000s. However, these 5 seconds of fame that going viral on TikTok provided were so easily forgotten and became overly common to the point now where it is a norm to have had this happen to you more than a handful of times. 

TikTok created this environment where everyone wanted to be the center of attention, just to be seen. 

Because of this obsession, every one of the generation became insanely more chronically online. The sheer amount of daily attention everyone began to put into their online personas was more than anyone had ever seen. So much so that it is out of style. Posting everything about every second of one's life is out. It’s getting boring. 

Nowadays, we are seeing that it is getting trendier to be more elusive on the internet. Instagram is becoming a business profile, showcasing creative representations of things more than everyday life as it is. The days of posting everything and anything died with Snapchat. People crave more privacy. 

This is the beginning of the resurfacing of the late 2000s and leaks of the early 2010s. We are seeing hipster, grunge, 90s-inspired, Boho-chic fashion mixed with reality TV show-inspired spoofs, and overly staged aesthetics come about again. We are seeing the original Instagram filters become cool again. We are seeing sideways photos, and illusive messy content being made in a business-like way from almost every cool-girl fashion brand that is out.

We all want to be “Trendy IT-Girl Boss Bitches” in 2024, so the real question is, how do we make this work in our personal style. 

Some things from this era to remember for this upcoming year that I personally predict will become trendy are: 


  • Indie sleaze is obviously coming back, the end of the 2000s and the beginning of the 2010s marked the beginning of the grungey, sleazy, Jenny Humphrey-style Instagram girl. Think flannels and booties. 


  • Think big chunky belts, and annoying cheap-looking chunky statement necklaces.


  • Fashion runs in cycles, about 20 years after a trend is popular it resurfaces once again for its second wind. Because of this, the 90s became popular in the 2010s once again. The 90s icon Kate Moss is of course going to be appreciated and idolized once again for her style choices.

Speaking of Kate Moss, we are starting to see a growing popularity in mini shorts and dresses with chunky belts! I think this style will continue to be popular into the beginning of 2024. 

Along with this look, Michele Lamy’s style of chunky layered bangle bracelets is going to grow in popularity. Get out your biggest chunky belts, bracelets, and rings to layer this year, we are bringing back mixed metal! 


  • Cowboy boots are going to be left behind, in 2022 and 2023, the cowboy boots have been a staple for a while now, and were replaced in all of 2023 with the biker boot. But now the biker boots are being treated like a rebound and quickly being left in the dust making way for a new staple boot. 


  • We all remember the infinity scarves that scared us all away from scarfs as accessories for years, all the way until the popularity of the Acne Studios giant scarf rose last winter. 

This year I am seeing cute skinny scarves made of unique materials and manipulated fabrics grow in popularity to welcome the scarf warmly back into our winter wardrobe. 


  • Sheer is still in. In 2023 sheer came in style starting with sheer lacy shirts and skirts. Although lace was so popular in 2023, it was overused in the super-popular Bloquette aesthetic. Bloquette is an aesthetic that overtook every Pinterest girl’s feed this last year. It is a combination of mixing girly aesthetic with a sporty aesthetic.

I think that the hair bows, Sambas, Ontisukas, lace, and football jerseys were the most popular, and dare I say overdone outfit additions for this aesthetic in 2023, which means we will see some new renditions being done in 2024, leaving these trends in 2023.

Sheer is one part of this aesthetic that can be rendered in a multitude of ways, and I know will be reinvented in fashion in the coming year. 



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