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The Rise of Sneaker Wedges

Sneaker wedges.

The trend that took off in the early 2010s thanks to the popularity of Isabel Marant's Bekett sneakers and is slowly creeping back into the fashion landscape once again. Whether you loved them or loathed them, the sneaker wedge was one of the hottest sneaker options in the early 2010s.

Lindsay Lohan in a pair of sneaker wedges in 2012 (ALO CEBALLOS)
Lindsay Lohan in a pair of sneaker wedges in 2012 (ALO CEBALLOS)

Marant launched the original sneaker wedge almost exactly 11 years ago. The Bekett sneakers were a hybrid of sneakers and heels, and they offered the best of both worlds: comfort and height. Solidifying sneaker wedges as a must-have item and were an instant hit. They quickly became one of the most popular shoes of the early 2010s. Celebrities like Miranda Kerr, Ashlee Simpson, Dakota Fanning, and Jessica Alba were all seen wearing them, and they even inspired a number of knock-offs. In this time period during New York Fashion Week, there wasn’t a model who walked that didn’t sport her own pair of Bekkets. There even was a time when the sneakers completely SOLD OUT due to popularity and you had to get on a six-month waitlist to get your hands on them. In 2021, the Bekett sneakers were completely reimagined and are called the “Balskee”.

Another popular brand of sneaker wedges was Ash. Ash's sneakers were made of suede and had a platform wedge heel. Known for their eye-catching designs and streetwear appeal, Ash wedge sneakers gained a devoted following, attracting a diverse range of fashion enthusiasts. They were a bit more expensive than the Bekett sneakers, but they were also considered to be more stylish.

The popularity of sneaker wedges eventually waned, but they are now slowly making a comeback. I’ve been waiting for this trend to come back for years and honestly couldn’t be more excited.

The Future of Sneaker Wedges

It is still too early to say whether sneaker wedges will become a major trend again, but there are certainly signs that they are on the rise. A number of high-end brands have released new versions of sneaker wedges in recent years, and they have been well-received by fashion critics. Wedge sneakers have been popping up on social media lately, which is helping to fuel their comeback. Internet personalities (sorry, I’m using internet personalities because I hate the word influencer) have been wearing them, which has helped to make them more popular.

As sneaker wedges regain momentum in the fashion world, it is evident that they’re slowly coming back. We can expect them to be the next trend but in a way that reinvents the style and we can expect to see a wider variety of options available, catering to diverse tastes and preferences.

The resurgence of sneaker wedges brings back a beloved fashion trend that seamlessly combines comfort and style. From Isabel Marant's influential sneaker wedges to the edgy designs of Ash, these shoes have once again captured the hearts of fashion enthusiasts.

They’re hot, sexy, and fun but in a way that’s comfortable.


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