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In the pursuit of the ultimate night-out stories, we threw the question out to you, our readers, craving the wildest, weirdest, and most wonderfully bizarre stories from the underbelly of nightlife.

The response was overwhelming.

Here, with the raw and unfiltered version of Hysteria, we dive into a selection of our favorite submissions…

@Sofiesonline: "Locking eyes with a stranger through a fog-filled, deafeningly loud club. Later on, I feel a tap on the shoulder and once I turn around I see them holding a cigarette, asking me to come to the rooftop."

@Shawnasowah: "My favorite night out would be the Boiler Room hosted by Pinkpantheress. I met so many cool people, enjoyed the music and I had so much fun. One of the best nights in my life!!!"

@Chimmybox: "Was sitting alone at a bar and a man came up to me and proceeded to be my sugar daddy. Platonically he would pay me for company and it was amazeee. Took me on shopping sprees, booked me at spas etc. also he was hot. I brought my friend to dinner with him and he spoiled the fuck out of both of us. He went back to Poland or whatever blah but yeah he was hot and rich and asked me what it was like to be a pretty girl in LA and you should’ve seen the look on my face."

@Jessiiriley: "I was going out with a new friend group. We barely knew each other. We met at a small but cool bar and talked about our favorite music. It turned out everybody was so nice and the girls were really supportive. We had so much fun. After we had a few drinks and shots we decided to go to a techno club that was 50km away from us. So we smoked something and got there with the train. The ride was very funny because we were all a bit tipsy. In the train we talked about Astrologie conspiracies. We arrived at the club. We danced. We took cute pictures in the bathroom. Then our favorite DJ hung up. We were way ahead. When the DJ was done, we ended up talking to him. He got on well with us. We were so freaked out because we were talking to someone so special. We came back at 7am. I will never forget that night :)"


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