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"We Take Manhattan" – The Dynamic Duo Behind NYC's Hottest Party Scene Featured in Hysteria By GIRLONFILM


"We Take Manhattan" – The Dynamic Duo Behind NYC's Hottest Party Scene Featured in Hysteria By GIRLONFILM

October 26th, 2023 - Hysteria By GIRLONFILM, the cultural touchstone for art, music, and nightlife, is proud to feature the captivating story of "We Take Manhattan," the brainchild of Allyson Camitta and Charlie Baker, in its latest issue. As pioneers of the party scene that's reshaping New York's nightlife, their journey is as unconventional as it is inspiring.

In an exclusive interview, Allyson and Charlie recount the birth of "We Take Manhattan." From a New Year's Airbnb forest rave with friends to mastering DJ decks under the guidance of Angel and Lulu from Frost Children, their path is marked by spontaneity and serendipity. It all began with Allyson on the decks, leading to their first event booking in the East Village.

The name "We Take Manhattan" is a nod to Leonard Cohen's "First We Take Manhattan." Initially a practical way to guide partygoers to their venue, it soon evolved into a symbol of their mission: to blend the indie sleaze of downtown with the eclectic vibes of Brooklyn. Manhattan serves as a unifying point for their diverse group of friends and followers, from all boroughs and backgrounds.

On the night of their parties, their essentials include headphones, USBs, sunglasses, and the memory of their cherished film cameras. They recall standout moments from their events, like the unified jumping to “212” by Azealia Banks, and favorite parties, including a memorable event at Baby’s All Right and a single release party for Shallowhalo.

Given no constraints, their dream is to host a "We Take Manhattan" party in a space designed from scratch in Manhattan, with a top-notch soundsystem and a vibe that's uniquely theirs. In the meantime, they're taking their party to LA with a stacked lineup, including performances by Shallowhalo, Cherry Glazerr, and Negashi Armada.

Looking to the future, Allyson and Charlie envision remixing tracks from their talented musician friends, aspiring to reach the heights of DFA-level remixes and Misshapes-level parties.
Both Allyson and Charlie share their "Chronically Online Profiles," giving Hysteria readers a glimpse into their personalities and musical tastes.

Allyson Camitta, known as @shallowhalo, describes herself as an "electro-poppet nightlife fairy," currently listening to to Ace of Base, while Charlie Baker, @charliecarrbaker, the "Downtown diamond," listens to Beck.

Their final message to Hysteria readers? "Don’t think too much, try new things, and keep it fun. If you’ve been wanting to try something, just go for it!"

"We Take Manhattan" is more than a party; it's a movement, a testament to the power of music, friendship, and the spirit of New York City. To delve deeper into their story, pick up the latest issue of Hysteria By GIRLONFILM.

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