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Exploring the Depths of NYC Nightlife: Hysteria By GIRLONFILM Features an Exclusive Interview with Photographer Jade Greene


Exploring the Depths of NYC Nightlife: Hysteria By GIRLONFILM Features an Exclusive Interview with Photographer Jade Greene

November 10th, 2023 - Hysteria By GIRLONFILM is delighted to present an exclusive interview with Jade Greene, a renowned New York City photographer known for capturing the vibrant essence of the city’s nightlife and fashion scene. Greene's journey and unique perspective offer a fascinating glimpse into the heart of New York’s dynamic cultural landscape.

Born and raised in Harlem’s Sugar Hill, Greene's strict upbringing fueled a desire to explore and capture the city's pulsating nightlife. "I was trying to make up for all the fun and connections I missed as a kid," Greene explains. His approach to photography is deeply influenced by his love for the city's ever-changing nature and the interesting people it continuously brings forth.

Greene’s entry into photography began with a Nikon Coolpix at SUNY Purchase's parties, leading to amateur work and eventually to professional opportunities. A pivotal moment in his career was during his time at Spring Place, where he covertly photographed New York Fashion Week events, leading to a contract photographer role. "That was the first time I started taking my photography seriously," he says.

His work is characterized by a focus on the assured and confident, capturing the raw energy of models, celebrities, and socialites in their natural element. One memorable experience involved a misunderstanding at a party, where Greene inadvertently caused a stir with a candid photo. Another unique moment was photographing David Schwimmer, unknowingly, at a SoHo House event.

Greene's philosophy is that a good party features dim lights, great music, and bold people, creating an environment where she feels most challenged and inspired as a photographer. "The room vibrates with potentiality," Greene notes, referring to his favorite club, Le Bain.
Among the many individuals he has photographed, Greene lists several favorites and expresses a desire to work with figures like John Boyega and Janelle Monae. His involvement in Anna Delvey's "Club House Arrest" party showcases his versatility and ability to capture unique moments in NYC’s social scene.

Looking forward, Greene envisions the role of photography as crucial in preserving and showcasing the unique characters and moments of New York City. He contemplates various future projects, including creating a photo book series and possibly pursuing a master's degree.
To Hysteria readers, Greene imparts some wisdom: "You always look better than you think you do," and advises on the importance of being prepared for emergencies in nightlife settings by stating, “Stock up on naloxone and on fentanyl test strips!”

Discover more about Jade Greene's captivating journey and her stunning photography in the latest issue of Hysteria By GIRLONFILM.

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