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Hysteria By GIRLONFILM Features Caroline Safran: Capturing the Pulse of Indie Sleaze and Nightlife Through the Lens


Hysteria By GIRLONFILM Features Caroline Safran: Capturing the Pulse of Indie Sleaze and Nightlife Through the Lens

November 1st, 2023 - Hysteria By GIRLONFILM is proud to showcase the inspiring work of Caroline Safran, a photographer whose passion for capturing the raw energy of concerts and nightlife is redefining visual storytelling. In an exclusive interview, Caroline opens up about her journey into photography, her creative process, and her unique perspective on the indie sleaze scene.

Caroline's passion for photography is deeply rooted, sparked by memories of her grandfather and a high school dark room photography class. Merging her love for live music and photography felt like a natural progression. She recalls, "It felt like this aha moment, where I realized I could marry two things I love, photo and live music, and experience them both in like 4D."

In her portfolio, Caroline captures candid moments with a respectful and intuitive approach. She emphasizes the importance of consent and the delicate balance of being present without disrupting the natural flow of events. "That moment of acknowledgement beforehand is really important to me," she says, highlighting her thoughtful process.

Caroline's work is deeply influenced by the music and atmosphere of each event. Prior to a show, she immerses herself in the artist's music and visual language, allowing these elements to guide her photography, ensuring that each artist is captured uniquely.

Addressing the dual nature of nightlife, Caroline acknowledges the darker aspects while maintaining her own boundaries, such as her preference for early mornings and her choice to abstain from drinking. Her perspective on the indie sleaze scene is particularly insightful, noting the contrast between its online portrayal and the more playful, messy reality she witnesses through her lens.

As for the future, Caroline is excitedly open to exploring diverse projects and opportunities in the vibrant city of New York. Her message to Hysteria readers is a powerful reminder of the importance of pursuing one's passion: "If you have something that you do, or make, that makes you feel like a person, you have to do it...You owe it to yourself."

Hysteria By GIRLONFILM is thrilled to feature Caroline Safran, whose work not only captures the essence of contemporary music and nightlife but also embodies the spirit of genuine artistic pursuit.

For a deeper dive into Caroline's world and her captivating photography, grab the latest issue of Hysteria By GIRLONFILM.

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