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Hysteria By GIRLONFILM Introduces Electroclash Duo Hyderdaze: A Fresh Sound Reviving a Classic Genre

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. Photo By: Hunter Anderson

Hysteria By GIRLONFILM Introduces Electroclash Duo Hyderdaze: A Fresh Sound Reviving a Classic Genre

October 20th, 2024 - Hysteria By GIRLONFILM, the magazine at the forefront of music and culture, is excited to feature an exclusive interview with the rising electroclash duo, Hyderdaze. Composed of Sarosh and Bryan, Hyderdaze is redefining the electroclash scene with their innovative sound and dynamic energy.

Hyderdaze's inception is a tale of long-standing friendship and shared passion for music. Both Sarosh and Bryan grew up playing music together, and their mutual admiration for the early 2000’s electroclash scene led them to collaborate on this project. "We decided to dive into that sound for this project," Sarosh reveals about their musical journey.

Drawing inspiration from their respective cities, LA and NYC, the duo brings a unique blend of influences to their music. Sarosh, influenced by the laid-back yet chaotic energy of LA, and Bryan, inspired by the vibrant nightlife of NYC, create a sound that is both nostalgic and innovative. Their recent single, "Social Suicide," epitomizes this blend, born out of Sarosh’s introspective lyrics and Bryan’s nuanced musical touches.

The electroclash genre, currently experiencing a resurgence, resonates with Hyderdaze's vision of blending past and present influences. Sarosh notes, "We like to use mostly analog gear for our sound," embracing the challenges and creative possibilities of traditional equipment. Bryan adds, "This mesh of old and new has helped produce the excitingly familiar, yet new electronic sound we have in the scene today."

Looking to the future, Hyderdaze sees electroclash gaining more popularity and aims to contribute significantly to its growth. "I’m hopeful that hyderdaze will make an impact on the shift," says Sarosh, emphasizing their desire to move people both physically and emotionally with their music.

The duo is gearing up to release a music video for "Social Suicide" and their debut EP titled “No Life to Live.” Exciting plans for LA and NYC shows in October are in the pipeline, setting the stage for more active performances next year.

Hyderdaze extends their gratitude to Hysteria for the feature and invites readers to stream their music, follow their journey, and join them in the resurgence of electroclash.

For more on Hyderdaze and their electrifying journey into the heart of modern electroclash, pick up the latest issue of Hysteria By GIRLONFILM.

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