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Hysteria By GIRLONFILM Unveils Issue 03, “THE SLEAZE”: A Tribute to the Indie Sleaze Era


Hysteria By GIRLONFILM Unveils Issue 03, “THE SLEAZE”: A Tribute to the Indie Sleaze Era

October 18th, 2023 - Hysteria By GIRLONFILM, known for its unique blend of art, music, and fashion, is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest edition, Issue 03, entitled “THE SLEAZE.” This issue promises to be a groundbreaking exploration of the early era of Indie Sleaze, featuring over 400 pages of compelling content that delves into the heart of music, nightlife, and fashion.

In this special edition, Hysteria By GIRLONFILM invites its readers to "Dive into the intoxicating world of Issue 03, ‘THE SLEAZE.’" This issue is not about revitalizing a “trend” or a prior era, it's an immersive journey through a pivotal time in cultural history, showcasing a collection of photographers, artists, and influential figures who were central to the Indie Sleaze era and those who are now spearheading its resurgence.

Highlighting the vibrant and eclectic nature of this movement, Issue 03 features a roster of contributors and creatives, including:

Larry Tee, GFOTY, Shallowhalo, Rebounder NYC, We Take Manhattan, Avenue D, Michael Incognito, Charlie Yates, Rebounder, Tatum Jade, Rebecca Zephyr Thomas, Deja Vu, Sideara St. Claire, Jade Greene, Christopher Petrus, Maxamillion Polo, Tatum Jade, and many more.

At Hysteria By GIRLONFILM, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of traditional publishing. “THE SLEAZE” is more than a publication; it’s a cultural phenomenon, a testament to the enduring influence of the Indie Sleaze era and a celebration of the creative forces shaping its future. This issue is a tribute offers readers a unique insight into the personalities and trends shaping today's cultural narrative.

Issue 03, “THE SLEAZE,” is now available for purchase.

For further details and to get your copy, visit or follow us on our social media channels.

About Hysteria By GIRLONFILM

Hysteria By GIRLONFILM is a publication capturing the essence of contemporary culture and all things, art, fashion, nightlife, and culture.

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