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Hysteria By GIRLONFILM Collection 02 "Cherry Kisses" X @sstupidcup1d temporary tattoo sheet. Get eight Hysteria By GIRLONFILM X @sstupidcup1d temporary tattoos. All work is done by Hollywood-based tattoo artist Chiara (@sstupidcup1d).


You can find Chiara (@sstupidcup1d) here:




- Cut out the tattoo you'd like.

- Remove the protective transparent sheet. 

- Place the design face down onto the desired area and place a wet cloth/ sponge firmly onto the paper.

- Hold for around 30 seconds and then gently slide the tattoo paper off. 

- After applying, flash us with pixs of your flash tattoo and tag @hysteriabygirlonfilm and @sstupidcup1d <3


XX. GIRLONFILM and @sstupidcup1d


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